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Inkvite, a fan-fiction app enables users to collaborate when writing stories.

Launched as an Iphone only application the original founder used his investment money to build an app with an expensive digital agency. This burn caused problems for the business and when they needed to pivot due to the platform not being fit for purpose, they didn’t have the funds. They were on the verge of closure and it was crunch time. Equals Collective was brought in to support the business and see if we could pivot together.

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Inkvite’s original technology was a cloud based PAAS which proved too expensive to maintain. The incumbent agency partner burnt through funds and was struggling to support the 80,000 users on the platform. The model wasn’t working for a start-up who needed better foresight and careful investment spend.

Equals Collective dug into their technology and instantly found a way to save money by migrating to a more cost effective hosting solution.

After stabilising the platform we were able to reimagine what the business could be. 

Following deep research into the market we rescoped the business plan and implemented new models to drive revenue generation. We re-engineered the entire technology platform with an architecture built for scale. And, our designers transformed the user experience within the app so it was more engaging. We also developed a multi platform app to allow the targeting of android as well as iOS users.

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Chris Helm, CEO
“Equals have been a genuine partner on our journey to success, without the help and engagement that we've had with them we wouldn't be where we are today.”


Equals Collective has been able to re-platform, re-design and re-imagine Inkvite for its 80,000+ user base. We’ve opened up the popular app to a wider market and successfully created a cross platform application whilst enabling monetisation streams to ensure sustainability.

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