The untapped potential of Melloo, it’s much more than just a website
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Melloo is an online teaching resources company, dedicated to providing users with effective learning materials. Their purchasable and printable products help teachers make their lessons more engaging.

Equals Collective were brought in to help Melloo redefine and develop their technology platform so it could support the vast amount of user data and resources.

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The original brief was to build a new brand and e-commerce website to sell key-stage one training materials. However, the brief quickly changed when we saw the potential for Melloo; there was a bigger opportunity. Together, we found a gap in the market, where they could differentiate and Melloo would fit perfectly. With the advice, support and services of Equals Collective we helped them pivot and develop a global education resource marketplace. 

The brand had a complete overhaul with a new visual identity that would resonate with their target audience; it’s now fresh, colourful and vibrant.

The user journey for the entire platform was also design led and usability was considered at every stage of the development.

We transformed Melloo into a scalable marketplace capable of supporting large user imports, high-end security and a customisable back end in Magento; which could cope with large amounts of products and user data. We also designed an intelligent payments platform; to generate revenue for both Melloo and it’s members.

Jeremy Henley, Founder and Director
“We wanted to rebrand our website/ company in order to capture our target market as well as to be identified as something unique, something that stood out from our competitors. Equals Collective have achieved this task tenfold by recognising exactly what we do and created a brand that communicates precisely who we are to our audience. Not only are the team skilled and “creative” who produce fantastic work and results, they are a pleasure to deal with as people as they communicate effectively with you from start to finish.”



With its fresh brand and customer-centric design, Melloo’s scalable market-place platform now does everything it set out to deliver and more.

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